Welcome to my world of music. This website has been in the pipeline since a long time and at long last it is taking form. Music is my soul, my passion, my fulcrum and what maintains my centre of gravity and balance in my life. I always loved to sing from my childhood. It was my mother who took the onus of pushing me into classical music, where,  it was charted in a proper direction under the guidance of my late teacher and guru Mrs Radhakrishna.

After a hiatus of several years, I have rediscovered my singing and passion which had somehow got buried under all sort of excuses. Thanks to an initiative started by my friends, I started teaching music to a small circle of eager young minds. I was initially scared because teaching an art form is challenging as art is an area where you really need talent in addition to hard work to shine. It is difficult to tell someone who does not have the talent that you cannot sing. However, one of the aspects of teaching is to encourage all those who wants to learn, irrespective of their abilities. Over my past few years ( I started teaching in 2007)  I have grown as a singer and as a teacher, while teaching my young cygnets ( as I would like to call them). It has been an exhilarating process, not without its share of frustrations. Unlike Singing, Teaching is truly challenging! 

To help them further and also to spur my own passion and share my love for this art, I have got an opportunity to start a website on this. 


Nadopasana as the name says, means to reach God(Brahman) through Music. In his composition, Sri Thyagaraja extolls the importance of music says:


    " Naadopaasana Che Shankara Naaraayana Vidhulu Velasiri O Manasaa!"

   Through the practice of Naada, the trinity outshine all other Gods in the pantheon of Hindu Gods. They

    acquire   many powers, delight in both vocal and instrumental music and are truly independent.1

 For me, Singing is an intensely personal as well as spiritually purifying experience.  I hope to encourage others to experience the joy of music, irrespective of genre.



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